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We believe that the following poem, a high trending piece of poems about bullying, To This Day, written by internationally acclaimed Shane Koyczan and skillfully turned into animation by 12 volunteer animators and 80 professional artists for the To This Day project will express things much better than we can.

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In “My Walk to School” by Andrea Wilson (found ), the poet describes in poem about bullying the feeling of getting physical bullied as she begins a typical school day:

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“Being Bullied” is an expressive poem about bullying by that clearly verbalizes why some people bully and how it affects the person being bullied.

This anonymously written poem about bullying called “Shame” describes what it feels like to be an unwilling bully. (Found )
“Kaylynn” is the author of this poem about bullying about how verbal bullying can be just as harmful as physical bullying.

A Moment of Courage: A Rhyming Reverse Poem About Bullying

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Letter to My Tormenters - a poem about bullying

Hindi On Love For Him About Being Alone Urdu: Sad Poems About Bullying

"DEAR BULLY: A Collection of Poems about Bullying"